Today, many companies are increasingly allowing their employees to work from home both full and part-time. This growing number believes that employees who work from home tend to be happier, more productive employees. However, not everyone shares that same ideology. Some employers think that people will slack in their productivity while working from home. Whether you are an employer trying to make the decision of hiring work-from-home employees or you are someone looking to work from home, there are some important things to consider.    

In a recent Stanford study, Nicholas Bloom found that employees working from home had an increased amount of productivity. Bloom also came to the conclusion that these employees were taking less sick days, shorter breaks, and less time off in general. As well, the study showed that employees were working a full workday instead of occasionally coming into work late or having to leave work early.

Whether hiring work-from-home employees or searching for that work-from-home position, having certain skills will ensure success. The skills that are necessary for the remote worker are self-starter, good communicator, and excellent organization skills, just to name a few. These are all skills that will be imperative for the work-from-home environment.

Many people think that they would enjoy working from home until they try it. It isn’t until then, that they realize that they are not the personality type or they don’t have the work style conducive to this type of job. If you are someone who likes the bustle and buzz of the office, or if you need someone constantly pushing you then working from home would not be for you! The silence can be deafening. But if you enjoy being alone, are self-motivated, and can stay focused, you will thrive in this type of position.

The studies are showing many benefits to working from home for both the employer and the employee alike. For the employer, employee absences are decreased, hiring is not limited geographically, save money, just to name a few. And for the employee, less commute time, healthier work-life balance, and flexibility. All of these benefits and more are why this growing trend is being considered by so many.