When a manager understands their employees, they not only create a rewarding work environment, but they are also motivating and inspiring loyalty within the organization.

In order to fully understand what matters most to your employees, regularly schedule one on one time with them to get to know them. In this one on one time, you will want to be assessing their strengths and weakness, learning what drives them and motivates them, understanding their communication styles among other things. It’s important to listen to your employees to gain an understanding of their expectations and concerns. In doing this, your employees will feel appreciated and will perform at a higher level. Communication is key to making your employees feel secure, confident, and most importantly, an integral part of the organization.

We know that the scheduled one on one time gives us an opportunity to understand our employees better, but there are things that we could be doing every day to gain a better understanding of those within our organizations; cultivating an open, effective workplace.

  • Engage with your employees – Engaging with employees on a daily basis reveals to them that you have an interest in who they are and that you want to continue learning more about them. This allows them to feel more trust with you as a manager.
  • Communicate – Continue to be transparent with your employees. Give them the freedom to express their ideas, thoughts, and concerns. This gives them a sense of ownership and strengthens their commitment to the organization.
  • Be approachable – Being approachable helps your employees to feel at ease with you. They will be more inclined to open up with you and share their thoughts and concerns. This will give you greater insight into your organization as a whole because it leads to more open communication.


Practicing these steps on a daily basis will improve productivity in your organization, lead to higher satisfaction among your employees, and build a sense of trust throughout your organization. It is often easy to neglect your employees and simply tell them how to do their jobs. But when you take the time to understand their strengths and weaknesses and have conversations with them, they feel appreciated and important. This will lead to a better work environment for yourself, as a leader, and your employees.