Team building exercises have been proven to increase success in the workplace for many decades. It promotes cohesiveness, strengthens communication, and inspires creativity within the organization. These exercises don’t need to be anything elaborate or costly, but they should encourage fun, excitement, and togetherness. They don’t need to be employees walking across tightropes and doing trust falls either. Team building exercises are meant to bring employees together and make them feel more comfortable around each other. These can be things like group outings, games or even hosting lunch and learns.

Creativity and Collaboration: Team building activities can promote more collaboration and creativity throughout the organization. When employees get together, especially in different environments, they are able to connect and discover common ground between each other. This allows the employees to use their talents and brainstorm together for new and current projects.

Company Vision: These activities can bring the employees together under the company vision. Discussing the organization’s vision and values of the company are highly important. Bring your team together to discuss the main points of the vision and have them think about and discuss their own visions and goals which may align with the organization’s goals.

Connectivity: When the team gets together, they are able to connect more with each other and build trust with one another. When employees are able to trust each other, it causes better communication throughout the workplace and more transparency thus building strong relations among employees.


Bringing the team together, whether it be doing trust falls and tightrope walks or attending an event together, promotes a healthy workplace and allows employees to feel more comfortable. Employees are able to connect on other levels instead of only work and this can bring in more collaboration, better communication, and unite the team under similar goals.