To increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace, there needs to be a structure put into place, a key organizational tool that can be put to use by everyone. One structure to be leveraged is a common operating system to run the business. Just like a computer has one operating system to operate efficiently, so should an organization. By having one operating system, you have one language and framework that everyone understands and can follow consistently. The following is one simple, straight forward business operating model to be considered.

OGSM (Objective, Goals, Strategies, Metrics) Framework:  

  • Objectives-A clear written objective for the organization acts as a lighthouse for the organization to know where they’re headed whether in good times or bad.
  • Goals – The executive view of your metrics to be achieved.
  • Where to play – This is important because companies today have limited resources and can’t afford to invest time and energy at any time and anyplace. You need to understand the sectors to focus on, what product or service you’re going to focus on, and who your key buyers are.
  • How to win strategies – These are your three to five strategies you’re going to employ to maximize results focused on your “where to play”. These strategies may consist of go to market, technology/data, operational efficiencies, and people.
  • Metrics – This is where the rubber meets the road. You will need metrics against all of the how to win strategies and supporting activities to measure your progress on a monthly, quarterly, annual basis. Metrics need to include not only progress but also dates on when you’re going to achieve them.

When the company and their leaders are able to succinctly communicate the OGSM structure, to their entire organization, this increases efficiency and productivity because now they’re all speaking the same language and rowing in the same direction.  It’s easy for employees to go through the motions at work, but when they are able to truly grasp the goals and objectives and how the employee fits into them (and is being measured) this becomes a game changer because they’re no longer just going through the motions but now understand how their individual contribution enables the success of the entire organization.