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Herff Jones: Developing A Scalable Talent Acquisition Strategy

When Bill Bell, SVP of Human Resources joined Herff Jones in January of 2016, his #1 priority was to hire talented professionals and leaders who could bring modernization, simplification, and all-around improvement to business processes . Despite Herff Jones' success spanning nearly 100 years, the company had lacked a strategy and the expertise needed to acquire the 'right' talent, manage performance, and drive employee success.

Herff Jones has been a widely recognized brand that has stood at the crossroads of student achievement and inspiration for students and families for nearly 100 years. Herff Jones produces interscholastic and professional products ranging from class rings, yearbooks, diplomas, and graduation caps and gowns, to professional championship rings. With over 1500+ employees and 700+ independent sales representatives, they needed to have a well thought-out strategy and process to support the transformation and growth of their organization for now and the future.