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Herff Jones: Developing A Scalable Talent Acquisition Strategy

When Bill Bell, SVP of Human Resources joined Herff Jones in January of 2016, his #1 priority was to hire talented professionals and leaders who could bring modernization, simplification, and all-around improvement to business processes . Despite Herff Jones’ success spanning nearly 100 years, the company had lacked a strategy and …


Varsity Brands: Strengthening Leadership Capabilities

Varsity partnered with Performant Solutions for a simple reason. They wanted to ensure that the had the talent and processes to take their organization to the next level. They also wanted clarity on their top leadership. The first step was implementing Halogen Software by Saba and starting with a goal-setting process at the beginning…


Driving Company Performance Through Employee Engagement

“To capture the hearts of our employees, it is essential that we tell them what we stand for and where we are going,” according to author Jim Harris in his book Getting Employees to Fall in Love With Your Company. For many who strive to obtain a better organizational culture, employee engagement has become a priority. Yet, few organizations are able to achieve this…


A Look at Leading with Vision

Visionary leadership is a rich and significant phrase. It stirs up a sense of idealism, excitement, hope and courage. It is a phrase that inspires us to challenge ourselves to “reach for the stars.” In short, visionary leadership is exciting…


Understanding Your Leadership Role

As organizations prepare to compete in today’s ever changing and challenging environment, they understand that leadership is the most important theme in business training. Leadership is a rich and significant word—a word inspiring us to be our best. Leadership is exciting. Perhaps the most exciting element of leadership…


Resolving Conflict for Today's Leaders

Conflict is an inevitable result of social interaction in our everyday lives. It occurs because we engage in situations and circumstances with people who have different goals, values and backgrounds. In every workplace conflict is present to varying degrees. We define conflict as…