Another new year has finally arrived and this has individuals and leaders alike already planning their new year resolutions. As we begin planning and goal setting, many leaders may be wondering how they should be goal setting for their organizations. A critical aspect a leader should consider is to be sure to include their team in the planning of the organizational goals of the company. Getting everyone in the organization seeing the same vision of where the company is going and how to get there, allows for more accountability throughout achieving these goals and helps to get everyone on the same page. When goal setting as a leader, be sure to keep these following exercises in mind.


Set goals that align with your vision:  As a leader, it’s important to have a clear and compelling vision. You want to be able to communicate this vision with your organization, being open to input from your leaders, as you, together with your team, bring this vision into focus. Setting goals that align with your organization’s vision will give clarity to your organization’s core focus. Be sure to take a look at your vision as a team and determine goals that follow the purpose of the organization.


Write the goals down:  You must write out your goals and vision and then share it with your organization so that everyone can clearly see the desired direction of the company. This helps to eliminate distraction and gets everyone rowing in the same direction.


Define what needs to be done and by who to achieve the goals:  Set up smaller goals that need to be complete in order to get to the long-term “vision”. Once you have the smaller or short-term goals solidified, it’s crucial to get the right people in the right seats to bring these goals to fruition. Have clear job descriptions, roles, responsibilities, and expectations.


Measuring your goals:  What gets measured gets done. Well defined goals are measurable and measurable goals keep you focused and helps to quantify success. Consistent measuring of our goals is just as important as writing our goals down on paper as it helps to give us direction and make any necessary changes to improve results. We also know that seeing progress keeps us motivated.

Goal setting at the beginning of each year can be incredibly beneficial to the success of an organization, but only if the goals align with the vision and core values of the organization, are revealed to the entire team or organization, and if these goals have a clear and concrete path to being achieved. A leader should not set these goals alone but set them as a team so that there are constant accountability and transparency across the organization.