What exactly is company culture and how do you create a positive one? Company culture is basically the personality of a company. It exists in all companies whether the company is just one person or many. The culture of the company is cultivated by the one person who has the values, goals, and vision. That is not to say that the employees don’t play a role in this process because they do, however, it starts from the top and is culminated in a “lead by example” process. In order to understand what your company culture is, you need to take a look at how your employees react to the heartbeat of your company. Assess how your employees feel about their jobs and the company in general? In doing this you will quickly start seeing whether there is a positive, thriving culture or one that needs your immediate attention.

Once you have assessed the health of your company culture and determine what type of culture you want to cultivate within your organization, you can begin the process of developing that culture into a strong, positive, culture. Think about what your company values are and who your company really is. Having positive culture results in happier, more satisfied employees who feel a sense of loyalty. Some things to consider when working towards building a positive culture in your organization are:

  • Have a clearly defined mission statement that you, as a leader are living out by example. Too often organizations have mission statements that are more “ought to do’s” than what the company actually does. Having a clear mission statement that is being lived out by example gives employees a sense of purpose and keeps everyone moving in the same direction. You want your mission to be so clear that you can feel it and see it.
  • Strive to treat everyone with respect. If you are treating your employees with respect, they, in turn, will treat others with respect and you will get respect back. Let your employees know that they are valued. This produces camaraderie throughout the workplace making the workplace a positive experience.
  • Communicate openly and freely. Having an open door policy promotes strong communication and helps the employees, departments, and leadership work better together. Having open communication also helps to avoid conflict and builds strong working relationships.

Organizational culture doesn’t grow naturally, at least not in a positive direction. Cultivating a positive culture is intentional. It’s a process. And it is something that can improve the overall performance of your organization. A positive culture has many benefits such as trust and loyalty, cooperation, fewer disagreements, and more efficiency throughout. Organizations leadership plays an instrumental role in developing and sustaining such a positive culture but remember to incorporate everyone as it affects your entire organization.