A great leader does not only tell the way, but they show the way. Team leaders should have a clear vision in which they are constantly focused on, not allowing for any distractions. With great communication, organization, confidence, a passion for relationship building, positivity, and creativity, nothing should distract a leader from following their vision.

  • Communication – A great team leader is able to listen clearly to their employee’s concerns, feedback, and ideas. They are also able to be transparent with their employees and explain things clearly to them, especially when problem-solving and making decisions.
  • Organization – When having a clear vision, a team leader should be able to have their goals planned out, along with strategies. Not only have great organizational skills for themselves, but a leader should also support in creating organizational goals for their employees as well. By helping employees discover their goals and meet them, a leader is not only telling them the way but showing them as well.
  • Confidence – Employees notice when a team leader is uncertain of different things. One who is confident can show that they are sure about their decisions and make their employees feel secure in every decision that is made.
  • Relationship Building – Focus on building secure relationships with employees. Leadership is about developing firm relationships with employees and developing trust with them. Teams should be able to trust their leaders and know that the leaders will take time out for them to listen and communicate with them.
  • Positivity – When a leader has constant positivity, this creates a positive work environment for everyone. Lead with positivity and watch it spread throughout the workplace. When things get tough or an employee is difficult, a leader will deal with that situation in a positive manner and also being honest and transparent.
  • Creativity – A leader will not get anywhere if they do not let their creativity flow! When planning strategies or goals, a leader does not always need to go by the books. By allowing creativity to flow, this sets a good example for the entire workplace that they can be creative with decisions as well.

Extraordinary leaders do not let distractions get in their way. By implementing things like good communication, organization, confidence, relationship building, positivity, and creativity, a leader should not be distracted from showing their team the way. Leaders do not only tell their team what to do or where to go, but they also show them the way and they continue doing so by following these things.