Recruiting trends are ever-changing and 2019 will bring even more trends. Achieving these recruiting trends can undoubtedly make for a successful year in recruiting. Finding the ideal candidate can be exhausting and expensive, so keep these in mind when hiring next!

  1. Social Recruiting – A great way to be recruiting in 2019 is to be reaching out to candidates through different social media channels. Using your social media networks to be recruiting can help build a relationship with candidates and help with searching for candidates. You can use these platforms to help encourage candidates to be applying for various, open job positions.
  2. Employee Referrals – Employee referrals are always a great way to be filling open positions with talent. This tactic is cheap and a can be very quick as well.
  3. Transparency – On many occasions, candidates can be left in the dark after going through many interviews or even just submitting an application. Being able to be to keep candidates and clients in the loop is crucial for all parties.

The use of these 3 trends in 2019 will ultimately support you when searching for candidates and it will help the candidates and clients as well. With Performant Solutions, our recruiting is transparent, flexible, and performance driven. We are dedicated to finding candidates with the right skills that will enjoy their roles and keep their roles.

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