Talent Acquisition

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The Talent()Bridge Recruitment Services Model

We’re passionate about your business’ success and will truly partner with you to source and present qualified talent promptly, while improving talent acquisition execution and sustainability.

We work with your recruiting team and hiring managers closely, not to just “fill jobs”, but bring the “right” talent to your organization. We are highly accountable and provide transparency throughout the process by providing our clients with weekly, measurable reports and access to all candidates in the pipelines we build.

We provide more services with lower costs than traditional recruiting agencies and provide hourly fees for expert consulting services.

Immediate sourcing expertise. Sustainable talent strategies

Value-added Services Include…

  • Transform job descriptions into compelling ads that promote your brand and attract candidates
  • Create job posting and sourcing plans. 
  • Provide transparent applicant tracking on our system (if you don’t have a system of your own)
  • Coordinate interview process and scheduling
  • Provide hiring manager coaching
  • Present a 360 Profile Assessment with each candidate interviewed

Additional Consulting Services Include…

  • Hiring Manager Training
  • Hiring Process Assessment and Improvement/Development
  • Applicant Tracking System Enhancement
  • College/University Recruitment Strategy Development
  • College/University Recruitment Plan Execution
  • Employer Brand Development

Contact Talent ()Bridge at Performant Solutions to discuss your talent acquisition objectives and see if we can provide a better outcome with lower costs for your business.   recruiting@performantsolutions.com  or david@performantsolutions.com