Organizational & Leadership Development

These words alone are enough to make most organizational leaders cringe. Organizations find themselves in Survival Mode because they’re struggling to keep up with the pace of the never-ending change happening around them.

There’s a grim reality in the workplace: employees aren’t fully engaged. Consider these numbers:

It’s how things are, but it’s not how things have to be. There’s a large gap between what’s happening in the workplace and what could be possible if organizations channel employee efforts in a collaborative way. So what’s the key to helping your organization thrive in a world of survivors? Create an environment that encourages innovation, values flexibility, and allows the people – the human capital – of your organization to participate in a way that unleashes their fullest capabilities.

At Performant Solutions, we’re not training as usual.

For a company to remain profitable and relevant in this age of industry disruptors, it’s more important than ever to move from the “usual” and “traditional” to a High Performance Model. We believe that healthy leaders create healthy and high performance work groups. Performant Solutions can provide you with 21st-century leadership techniques to prepare you for the demands of the modern-day work environment.

Introduction to the High Performance Model

  • High Performance Organizations have clear, strategic vision
  • High Performance Employees communicate freely inside their department and across the organization
  • High Performance Leaders run teams efficiently
  • High Performance Team Members have a sense of purpose within the organization’s structure
  • Increased capacity, which unleashes new levels of productivity and energy with the potential to propel the organization forward.

    At Performant Solutions, we offer a proven system that partners with traditional organizations as they transition into High Performance Organizations. We have a four-step process we use for this transition: (1) we assess the needs of the organization, (2) we clearly define the company’s strategy using an assessed baseline, (3) we build up the leaders to execute the vision, and (4) we help leaders develop their teams. After we’ve moved through this process, we reassess the organization to ensure that we’ve met our goals and enacted sustainable change.

    Our programs aren’t one-day sessions designed to “check the training box.” We partner with your leadership team to assess, define, and implement a transformation process to move your company forward.

    Sound easy? Unfortunately, it’s not. But it’s worth it, and we can help.

    Contact us today to discover more about how Performant Solutions can partner with your organization.