Human Resources Consulting

We are NOT Human Resources as Usual… And that’s good news!

Human Resources in today’s business environment can be your organization’s biggest headache — or it can be its greatest advantage. Most organizations don’t have the manpower to do it alone. Performant Solutions brings a refreshing, common-sense, business-minded approach to managing the people, strategy, and processes in your organization.

The Problem

Executives and business leaders are eager for a results-oriented Human Resource function in their organization. Unfortunately, few HR professionals are able to be experts in ALL of the critical areas with which HR is charged. Worse still, HR functions are often delegated to financial or operational departments to “handle,” with a focus of just “keeping the wheels on the bus.”

Whether your organization needs a bus driver or just an oil change, Performant Solutions can tackle almost any HR problem:

Our Solution

At Performant Solutions, we’re uniquely qualified to work with your management team or alongside your current HR team to develop progressive, results-drive solutions to the many HR challenges that exist in organizations today. Our network of high-skilled consultant have expertise in all areas of Human Resources, and we stand ready to help you bridge the gap between business objectives and HR initiatives. We’ll work closely with you to find the most appropriate and sustainable solution for YOUR organization.

Our Approach

Performant Solutions partners with clients on a project-by-project basis, or as long-term consultants. Our HR professionals provide help on-site, whether that means providing an extra set of hands or running your HR department for an interim period. We’re flexible in our approach to every client, because we’re passionate about finding the right HR solution to meet the needs of every client.

Contact us today to discover more about how Performant Solutions can partner with your organization.